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Oklahoma Fidelity Bank

Oklahoma Fidelity Bank is a division of Fidelity Bank and brings quality banking products and services to the residents of Oklahoma, including though Fidelity Bank Online. Five branches have been opened by Oklahoma Fidelity Bank since 2004 in the cities of Oklahoma City and Edmond.

History of Oklahoma Fidelity Bank

This top Oklahoma bank has a history that goes all the way back to 1905, when the Fidelity Investment Company began business in Wichita, Kansas dealing with mortgages. In 1942, the director the Federal Housing Administration, Homer C. Bastian, saw the potential for growth in Wichita, so he left his job at the FHA and bought one-half interest in Fidelity Investment.

In 1947, Bastian teamed up with his son, Marvin, to buy the remaining stock at Fidelity. Together they used their experience in governmental loans to satisfy the demands of the postwar housing boom.

The Expansion of Oklahoma Fidelity Bank

Toward the end of the 1960s, the Fidelity companies gained Marvin Bastian as their new chief executive officer. With the new CEO, the Fidelity companies saw tremendous growth over the next 20 years, becoming known as the Fidelity Savings Association of Kansas.

Around 1980, Fidelity was outgrowing its downtown office and was in need of more room. Since the downtown area was so vital for Fidelity and the valuable business connections, they opened a second office right next door to the original.

Not only did the office space expand, but so did the leadership of Fidelity. Marvin’s sons Clark and Clay both took leadership roles in the company, with Clark becoming CEO and Chairman of the Board of Fidelity Bank and Oklahoma Fidelity Bank.

The business stayed within the family in 2009 as well, when Clark’s son Aaron became President of Oklahoma Fidelity Bank.

Oklahoma Fidelity Bank has a rich family history that has made it the success that it is today. It is Oklahoma Fidelity Bank’s mission to provide quality service, while giving its customers the opportunity to change their tomorrow.