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24-Month CD Interest Rates Deal of the Day: SpiritBank at 0.85% APY

Finding a bank account that maximizes returns and provides greater safety can feel like an arduous search. Not so with SpiritBank — the Bristow, OK keeps the spirit of saving alive with superior CD interest rates. The bank’s 24-month certificate of deposit comes with a 0.85% annual percentage yield that is fixed during the term and can be renewed for future investments that keep the future financially sound.

24-Month CD Interest Rates: Terms and Conditions

Whether it’s looking for short-term or long-term investments, SpiritBank’s 2-year CD is safe and reliable, with competitive CD interest rates that keep account holders’ money growing. This CD is automatically renewable and earns its 0.85% interest rate on minimum opening deposits of $2,500 or more. Early withdrawals are not recommended and could trigger a penalty fee. All deposits with SpiritBank are insured up to $250,000 per depositor by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

About SpiritBank

SpiritBank began as American National Bank in 1916, formed by eight local businessmen in the Bristow area. Today, SpiritBank boasts one of the largest banking operations in the state, with over $1 billion in assets, and multiple metro and rural branches throughout Oklahoma. Keeping true to the spirit of banking, SpiritBank offers numerous personal and business monetary solutions, including a financial education resource center for debt management, identity theft protection and saving for college.

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