Oklahoma Banking Rates

Average Oklahoma Bank Rates Compared to Credit Unions

There are thousands of financial institutions throughout the U.S., several of which are probably in your home town. From bustling cities to tiny suburbs, there’s no shortage of banks and credit unions nearby. So when you’re trying to maximize your deposits and find the highest interest rates to help them grow, how do you know where to go? Below, Oklahoma Banking Rates has compared the average bank rates in Oklahoma with those at local credit unions to find out whether community banks or CUs have the best overall interest rates to offer.

Average Interest Rates at Oklahoma Banks

Below are the average interest rates from local banks for savings and certificate of deposit accounts:

6-Month CD: [accountaverage type=”6″ banktype=”bank”] APY

12-Month CD: [accountaverage type=”12″ banktype=”bank”] APY

24-Month CD: [accountaverage type=”24″ banktype=”bank”] APY

Savings: [accountaverage type=”savings” banktype=”bank”] APY

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Average Interest Rates at Credit Unions in Oklahoma

The following is a list of average CD and savings rates from credit unions in the state:

6-Month CD: [accountaverage type=”6″ banktype=”credit union”] APY

12-Month CD: [accountaverage type=”12″ banktype=”credit union”] APY

24-Month CD: [accountaverage type=”24″ banktype=”credit union”] APY

Savings: [accountaverage type=”savings” banktype=”credit union”] APY

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Please note that interest rates are accurate as of June 29, 2011, but are subject to change at any time. For the most up-to-date rate information, visit the Oklahoma Banking Rates CD Rates or Savings Rates pages.