Oklahoma Banking Rates

Interest Rates in Every State: Best Interest Rates in Oklahoma

Finding the best banking opportunities from among the many local financial institutions in the U.S. is no easy task, which is why Go Banking Rates is doing the work in its “Best Rates in Every State” series. This next post in the series examines average Oklahoma credit union and bank interest rates as compared to the rest of the U.S., and includes top 10 lists of the financial institutions providing the best interest rates in the state.

Below are the average savings account and certificate of deposit interest rates offered by credit unions and banks in Oklahoma, as well as the national averages. Luckily for local depositors, average rates in Oklahoma rank first for three out of four categories. However, we also provided a list of the local banks and credit unions in Oklahoma offering the best interest rates in each category so residents know where to get the highest rates.

Deposit Account National Averages

Account Type Average Rate
6-Month CD 0.31% APY
1-Year CD 0.46% APY
2-Year CD 0.69% APY
Savings Account 0.21% APY

Oklahoma Interest Rate Averages

Account Type Average Rate
6-Month CD 0.47% APY
1-Year CD 0.64% APY
2-Year CD 0.86% APY
Savings Account 0.34% APY

Ranking: Oklahoma Rates Vs. U.S. States and Washington, D.C.

Account Type Ranking
6-Month CD 1st
1-Year CD 1st
2-Year CD
Savings 1st

Best CD Interest Rates from Credit Unions and Banks in Oklahoma

oklahoma credit union

Institution 6-Month CD Rate
Credit Union One Of Oklahoma 0.55
First Tulsa Credit Union 0.55
Municipal Emps  Of Oklahoma City Credit Union 0.55
The Cleveland Bank 0.65
Weokie Credit Union 0.65
Western Sun Credit Union 0.65
Oklahoma Employees Credit Union 0.70
Frisco Employees Credit Union 0.80
Credit Union One Of Oklahoma 0.80
Fraternal Order Of Police Credit Union 0.85

Banks in oklahoma

Institution 1-Year CD Rate
The Cleveland Bank 0.75
Western Sun Credit Union 0.75
Dowell Credit Union 0.80
Oklahoma Employees Credit Union 0.80
Weokie Credit Union 0.80
Tulsa Teachers Credit Union 0.85
Frisco Employees credit union 0.95
Fraternal Order Of Police Credit Union 1.00
F & M Bank Tulsa 1.05
Woods Credit Union 1.20

oklahoma credit unions

Institution 2-Year CD Rate
Western Sun Credit Union 0.90
El Reno R.I.L. Credit Union 1.00
Fraternal Order Of Police Credit Union 1.00
Municipal Emps  Of Oklahoma City Credit Union 1.00
Weokie Credit Union 1.05
The Cleveland Bank 1.10
Oklahoma Employees Credit Union 1.15
Tulsa Teachers Credit Union 1.15
Frisco Employees credit union 1.30
Woods Credit Union 1.40

Oklahoma Credit Union and Bank Savings Account Rates

oklahoma banks

Institution Savings Rate
Covenant Credit Union 0.33
Fraternal Order Of Police Credit Union 0.35
Red Crown Credit Union 0.35
Frisco Employees credit union 0.40
Halliburton Employees Credit Union 0.45
Tulsa Teachers Credit Union 0.45
The Cleveland Bank 0.50
Dowell Credit Union 0.75
Woods Credit Union 0.75
F & M Bank Tulsa 1.00

About This Oklahoma Interest Rates Study

Interest rate information is compiled using the Go Banking Rates database of deposit account interest rates from more than 4,000 national, local and online banks and credit unions. The above study included local institutions only, which are considered to be banks and credit unions with branches located solely in Oklahoma or headquartered in the state. Interest rates offered by national banks were not considered in this study.

Rates are based on institutions’ online published rates as of December 31, 2012. Please note that interest rates are subject to change at any time and should be verified with individual institutions prior to account opening.